What Is Straightening of the Thoracic Spine?


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Straightening of the thoracic spine is a surgical procedure to correct excessive curvature of the middle vertebrae, according to DePuy Synthes Spine. Though some curvature is normal, too much can be a sign of a serious condition. A doctor may consider surgery only if other treatments fail to alleviate pain.

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Conditions that cause abnormal curvature of the thoracic vertebrae include poor posture, Scheuermann's kyphosis, diseases that paralyze, such as polio and muscular dystrophy, spinal injuries and osteoporosis, states DePuy Synthes Spine. Surgery involves using metal screws, plates or rods to straighten the spine and fuse the vertebrae together. Before considering surgery, doctors may recommend treatments like physical therapy, back braces, medications and exercise.

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