How Do You Get Straight Teeth?


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To get straight teeth, consult with an orthodontist or, in some cases, a dentist to receive one of several types of braces, such as metal braces, ceramic braces or clear aligners, explains Broderick Dusek & Deleon Orthodontics. Some general dentists provide clear aligners, while wire braces require an orthodontist's care.

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Traditional orthodontic solutions take an average of one to two years to straighten teeth, explains Holly Dental Care. However, Six Month Smiles is an accelerated treatment plan that allows certain patients to achieve a straight smile in as little as six months. The system accomplishes this by moving only the teeth in the front of the mouth that are visible when a person smiles, making it more of a cosmetic dental procedure than one intended to fix any bite issues, according to Holly Dental Care. As a result, this type of treatment works best for those who do not have bite issues with their hidden back teeth.

Individuals who require full-length orthodontic treatment but do not want wires glued to their teeth can opt for clear aligner therapy, such as the Invisalign system. This type of therapy has both benefits and drawbacks over wire braces, notes Coast Dental. On one hand, since the aligners are removable, patients must be willing to practice full compliance in wearing them whenever they are not eating or drinking in order for the treatment to work. However, their removable nature allows patients to eat the foods they desire, take them out for important sporting or business events, and follow their usual hygiene routines.

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