What Stores Sell Used Test Equipment?

What Stores Sell Used Test Equipment?

Interested buyers can purchase used test equipment from Scientific Equipment Liquidators, Dr's Toy Store and Dotmed, according to their respective websites. In addition, eBay.com sells used medical test equipment.

Some of the equipment, new and used, on sale at the Dr's Toy Store includes stress test systems, transducers, exam lights, centrifuges and electrocardiogram machines, notes the retailer's website. The store also sells pulse oximeters, thermometers, vision testers, fetal monitors and blood pressure machines. Interested buyers can either shop at the store's website or its south Florida warehouse.

Scientific Equipment Liquidators allows users to both buy and sell used medical equipment through its portal, explains the firm's website. Some of the equipment available on the company's site includes blood pressure monitors, colposcopes, fetal monitors and carbon dioxide, or CO2, monitors.

Dotmed, which operates in a similar fashion to Scientific Equipment Liquidators, allows users to buy and sell used and new imaging, dental, cardiological, neonatal and ophthalmological and other medical equipment, reports its website.

Players in the used medical equipment industry should thoroughly clean the equipment to rid it of harmful biological and chemical matter and purge it of certain types of electronic data before putting it up for sale, notes Liquidity Services. In addition, they should adhere to statutory regulations during the course of business.