What Are Some Stores That Sell Unusual Cigarette Lighters?


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EBay.com and Tmart.com both sell unique and unusual lighters. BugStores.com offers a wide selection of novelty lighters. Sparks of Time Vintage Lighters and Collectibles specializes in selling rare and unique vintage cigarette lighters. Amazon.com also offers a variety of unique lighters.

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EBay.com offers lighters shaped like revolvers, wrist watches and people. They even sell a butane lighter shaped like a toilet. Site users can browse lighters by categories such as unique, unusual, vintage, antique and cute. EBay.com offers both torch and butane lighters.

Tmart.com features lighters shaped like antique lamps, porcelain teapots, guitars, hand grenades and fire extinguishers. People can search for lighters that are powered by fuel or oil or lighters that are USB rechargable. Some categories of lighters that Tmart.com offers include novel & creative, classical, cuboid, watch and keychain.

BugStores.com offers some lighters with other uses, such as lighters with built-in knives, cigar cutters and bottle openers. Sparks of Time Vintage Lighters and Collectibles buys, sells and repairs vintage lighters. They specialize in Colibri butane lighters.

Unusual lighters offered by Amazon.com include lighters shaped like miniature rifles and pistols, a lipstick-shaped butane lighter and a dragon-shaped butane torch lighter. Amazon.com also features many novelty Zippo lighters and Zippo lighter fluid. Amazon.com provides reviews for every lighter they offer.

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