What Stores or Pharmacies in Providence Have a Free Blood Pressure Testing Machine?


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As of September 2015, free blood pressure monitors in Providence, Rhode Island, are available at three CVS drugstores, two Rite Aid drugstores, a Stop & Shop and a Walmart. These locations are all within 25 miles of the center of the city, according to Lifeclinic. The monitors provide free blood pressure testing within the store.

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To find these locations, individuals can go to the Search tool on LifeClinic.com, and enter Providence in the City field and Rhode Island in the State field. So that all types of free blood pressure monitors are identified, searchers should not filter by selected products. They can set the radius at 25 miles, and click Submit. Results include locations with a Sentry Health Monitor and locations with other blood pressure monitors, reports Lifeclinic. Three of the locations use Sentry Health Monitors, and four have different types.

The locations of the three CVS drugstores are: 100 Francis St., 799 Hope Street and 935 Manton Ave. The two Rite Aid drugstores are located at 456 Branch Ave. and 135 Pitman St.. The address of the Stop & Shop is 850 Manton Ave., and the Walmart is located at 51 Silver Spring St. There are links to directions for each location on the results page, claims Lifeclinic. There is also a zoom-in map of the area, with all seven locations marked.

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