What Stops Ringing in the Ears?


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Some of the ways to treat ringing in the ears include cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, stopping tobacco use, and limiting the use of pain relievers such as aspirin, explains WebMD. It is also possible to reduce ringing in the ears by exercising regularly.

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While attempting to treat ringing in the ears, it's important for individuals to limit the exposure to noises that may cause the condition, WebMD explains. If unable to avoid these noises, people can wear earmuffs or earplugs. Relaxation methods such as meditation, biofeedback and yoga may also treat ringing in the ears, as stress can make it worse. It's also possible to treat ringing in the ears by focusing more on background noises such as music, a fan or even a sound machine.

Some studies indicate the supplement ginko biloba may help to relieve ringing in the ear, but as of June 2015, research has not shown the best dosage for this treatment, according to WebMD. If these treatment methods don't help relieve ringing in the ears, it's best for sufferers to contact a doctor. People with ringing in the ears may also want to contact a doctor if they notice signs of nerve damage or experiencing vertigo or hearing loss.

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