How Do I Stop My Voice From Cracking?

Relaxing, breathing properly, maintaining a straight posture and performing regular vocal exercises all help to prevent the voice from cracking when both speaking and singing, according to Entrepreneur. Vocal cracking due to puberty corrects itself naturally with time, according to TeensHealth.

Vocal cracking often occurs when a person's voice switches registers between the chest and the head, according to Exercising the voice by using yawn-sighs, grunts, and singing up and down a note scale helps people find the places where their voice naturally cracks. It is then possible for people to make those transitions smoother with practice.

Stress and improper breathing often lead to voice cracking by preventing vocal cords from receiving enough air while speaking or singing, explains For Dummies. Eliminating nerves helps people breathe more fully and can eliminate voice cracking problems.

While these techniques can all help reduce voice cracking during puberty, they are unlikely to eliminate the problem altogether. The influx of hormones combined with the increased size of the larynx takes time for a young teen's body to adapt to, according to TeensHealth. The worst of the cracking should only last a few months, at which point the teen's voice should ultimately find a more stable tone.