How Do You Stop a Stomach Ache?


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To treat a stomach ache, MedlinePlus suggests sipping water or clear fluids, avoiding solids, taking antacids, and avoiding pain relievers and fried, greasy or acidic foods. The cause of the stomach ache can affect treatment goals; for example, antibiotics might be necessary to treat an infection, ulcers or gastric reflux, while surgery may be required to treat a hernia or appendicitis, according to WebMD. Because of this, a severe stomach ache requires consultation with a physician.

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Simple home care for a non-emergent stomach ache includes drinking sports drinks, clear fluids or water to stay hydrated, and then adding solid food after a few hours if the pain subsides. If the stomach ache is accompanied by vomiting, MedlinePlus recommends waiting 6 hours and then proceeding to eat foods like applesauce, rice or crackers, and avoiding dairy products.

For stomach pain that occurs after meals or resides high in the stomach, antacids can sometimes help, according to MedlinePlus. This is particularly true for a stomach ache caused by indigestion or heartburn. In this instance, it is important to avoid things that can upset the stomach further, including carbonated beverages, alcohol, caffeine, tomato products and foods that are high in fat.

MedlinePlus warns that stomach ache accompanied by certain symptoms can indicate an urgent problem, including sudden, sharp pains, and pain that is accompanied by blood in the stool.

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