How Do You Stop Severe Nosebleeds?


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Stuffing the nose with gauze is often effective for stopping serious nosebleeds, explains Harvard Health Publications. However, a nosebleed that doesn't stop after 30 minutes, is a result of an injury, inhibits breathing or is abundant requires medical attention, warns Mayo Clinic.

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How Do You Stop Severe Nosebleeds?
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Patients should dial 911 for emergency medical care rather than trying to drive themselves to the emergency room in the event of severe nosebleeds that result in substantial amounts of blood loss, notes Mayo Clinic.

People can also usually stop nonserious, occasional nosebleeds on their own by simply pinching their noses, according to Harvard Health Publications. The first step is to bend the head forward to keep the blood from trickling down into the throat. Next, place a thumb and index finger on each side of the bridge of the nose, and slide the fingers down below the bone and onto the cartilage. Firmly pinch the nostrils shut, making sure to apply a decent amount of pressure to the septum from both sides. The septum is the part of the nose in between the two nostrils, and it is usually where the leaking blood vessel responsible for the nosebleed is located.

If the nosebleed appears to slow or stop upon pinching, continue to apply pressure for at least five minutes, states Harvard Health Publications. If the blood flow does not decrease or stop, try repositioning the fingers higher or lower until it does.

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