How Do You Stop Period Cramps?


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According to WebMD and KidsHealth, one way to stop or relieve common period cramps is to take pain relievers. KidsHealth recommends taking them a bit in advance of when the cramps are expected to start. WebMD notes that cramps for some women stop entirely after they give birth for the first time.

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WebMD and KidsHealth also recommend exercise, because of endorphin release, a warm bath, and a warm compress on the stomach or back. WebMD also suggests resting to relieve period cramps as well as avoiding salt, caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Lower back and abdomen massages may also prove helpful. For higher-level cramps, WebMD says that prescription medicine and oral contraceptives can help. Cramps also often hurt less as a woman becomes older.

For girls in school, KidsHealth recommends setting a schedule so that the girls know when to take pain relievers. Common times are before school and during school.

WebMD notes that common cramps are caused when the uterus contracts too strongly. It pushes against blood vessels and decreases oxygen flow to the uterus, and the pain occurs when the uterus has lost its oxygen supply for a short time.

According to WebMD, secondary dysmenorrhea is another type of period cramping that is more severe and longer than common cramps. A disorder in the reproductive organs causes these cramps.

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