How Do You Stop Obsessing?


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Some ways to stop obsessing include employing different visualizations, getting angry at the object of the obsession or applying humor to the situation. Taking a break to remove oneself from the situation while focusing on something else can also help.

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Sometimes,a simple visualization is all that is needed to stop obsessing, at least temporarily. For example, some people imagine their obsessive thoughts as a car that has veered off the road and in order to get the car on the road, they have to release the obsessive thoughts. If this form of visualization becomes a ritual, it can help bring a person back to reality and curb obsessive thoughts.

A change of scenery can also help quiet obsessive thoughts, especially when one particular place brings on the thoughts. Going for a walk or simply leaving the room for a few minutes can be enough to stop obsessing.

Humor is another excellent tool for overcoming obsessive thoughts. If a person can find a way to laugh at his or her obsession or thought process, it can alleviate tension and put that person back on track. Using humor in conjunction with another technique, such as leaving the room can be especially helpful to many people.

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