How Do You Stop Nosebleeds Fast?


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A pinch in the right spot is the best way to stop nosebleeds in a hurry, according to Harvard Medical School. While more invasive options, such as injecting material into the artery or performing surgery to close the bleeding vessel, can stop a nosebleed, pinching provides the fastest results.

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The majority of nosebleeds involve a leak in a blood vessel in the soft cartilage of the nose. These are anterior nosebleeds; posterior nosebleeds originate from vessels up higher in the nose. About 94 percent of all nosebleeds are anterior. Nodding the head forward, placing the thumb and index finger on either side of the bridge of the nose, sliding them down to the point where cartilage takes over from bone, and holding them together there with both sides held to the septum should stop a nosebleed quickly. If it doesn't stop, adjusting the location of the fingers slightly higher or lower should finish the job, reports Harvard Medical School

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