How Do You Stop a Nosebleed?


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To stop a nose bleed, sit upright and tilt your head forward, compress the soft part of the nose, or use ice to apply a cold compression, explains WebMD. To prevent or treat a nose bleed, use medical prescriptions that can stop bleeding and alleviate inflammation.

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How Do You Stop a Nosebleed?
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Avoid sloping the head backward to prevent blood from moving down the throat, which could result in vomiting and worsen the problem, advises WebMD. Eject blood from the mouth instead of swallowing it. Place a pack of ice on the nose or cheeks to make blood vessels contract, and thus curb the problem.

Apply a medicated nasal spray on the nose prior to squeezing it, notes WebMD. Remember to breathe via the mouth once you apply the medicine. Squeeze the nose for about 10 minutes, and if the problem persists, repeat the process. Apply small amounts of moisturizing ointment or Afrin in the nose to treat the symptoms.

After treating the problem, avoid inserting items in the nose or blowing it, advises WebMD. Then, relax. To prevent the bleed from recurring, use a pillow to raise the head while sleeping, stop picking the nose, avoid blowing the nose forcefully, and avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin. A coating of petroleum jelly or antiseptic nasal cream can add moisture to the nose to prevent additional bleeding, notes WebMD. Ensure that you wear gloves when treating another person to avoid contact with his blood. Consult a doctor if the bleed is severe.

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