How Do You Stop Night Sweats Caused by Antidepressants?


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One way to stop night sweats caused by antidepressants is to take a cool shower before going to bed, explains Consumer Reports. It is also recommended for sufferers to avoid hot flash triggers before bed including spicy food, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

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Wearing loose fitting clothing to bed and having a small fan near the bedside may also help to treat night sweats, claims Consumer Reports. People suffering from night sweats due to antibiotics should also keep light sheets on the bed and layered blankets. It can also help for individuals to keep an ice pack under the pillow, and then turn it throughout the night. Doing paced respiration can help for some people, too, by breathing in slowly through the nose and out through the mouth. This should be done a couple of times a day or when a hot flash begins.

There is also evidence that some antidepressants can help to alleviate hot flashes at night, according to Consumer Reports. New antidepressants are even used in some cases to treat moderate to severe hot flashes. Those who suffer from night sweats due to antidepressants should talk to a doctor about changing medication if possible. There may be other antidepressants that could alleviate the symptoms of night sweats and still treat depression.

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