How Do You Stop a Muscle Cramp When It Happens?


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Someone with a muscle cramp, also referred to as a charley horse, can massage, stretch, warm or ice the affected muscle or soak in an Epsom salt bath to relieve the cramp, according to WebMD. Most cramps are relieved when the muscle is stretched, reports MedicineNet.

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How Do You Stop a Muscle Cramp When It Happens?
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To stop a quadriceps cramp, stand on the unaffected leg while pulling the foot of the affected leg from behind and toward the buttock. Use a stable surface for balance. To stop a hamstring cramp, put weight on the leg and slightly bend the knee, explains WebMD. Alternatively, sit down, put the leg straight out and pull the foot toward the head to stretch the muscle. This stretch may also be done lying down.

To relieve a cramp in the calf muscle, MedicineNet recommends standing approximately 2 to 2.5 feet in front of a wall, facing it. Then, lean toward the wall, placing the forearms on it. Doing this while keeping the heels on the floor and the back and knees straight stretches the muscle to provide relief. Calf muscle cramps can also be relieved by straightening the leg, flexing the ankle and pulling the toes toward the body. This may be accomplished while sitting on the floor or in bed. A hand cramp can be stopped by stretching the flexor muscles in the fingers. This involves pressing the affected hand against a wall while the fingers face the wall.

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