How Do You Stop Hot Flashes?


Hot flashes can be stopped through hormone therapy or can be prevented by avoiding the triggers, such as cigarette smoke, stress, alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, tight clothing and heat. Some women may not be ready to opt for hormone therapy, so they can use non-hormonal options. Women who have recently undergone breast cancer treatment may not be good candidates for hormone therapy.

Observing a good diet is one of the best ways to prevent hot flashes. Avoiding alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine help to reduce the severity of hot flashes. Plant estrogens are believed to help in reducing hot flashes. A person can eat vegetables, soybeans, grains, lentils, red clover, flaxseed, fruits and beans to get estrogen. Some women wear socks while sleeping, as it helps to cool the body temperature.

A person can avoid heat by reducing the temperature of the room. Overweight women can consider weight loss to help manage hot flashes. Smokers tend to experience more hot flashes, so quitting smoking can help prevent the condition. Practicing deep breathing for 15 minutes every morning and evening can help in reducing hot flashes, as stated by WebMD. Daily activities, such as exercises, dancing, walking and swimming, are also helpful. A person may also use non-prescription medicine, such as Ibuprofen, vitamin E and vitamin B complex, to control hot flashes.