How Do You Stop Heart Palpitations?


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WebMD notes that heart palpitations can be treated by lowering stress and anxiety levels and by avoiding certain beverages, foods, stimulants and medications. In order to treat palpitations effectively, the cause first has to be determined so that the best treatment can be prescribed.

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How Do You Stop Heart Palpitations?
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According to WebMD, biofeedback, tai chi, yoga and aromatherapy are all treatments that can be effective in lowering an individual's anxiety and stress levels. Examples of substances, beverages and foods that can trigger heart palpitations include nicotine, illegal drugs, caffeine and alcohol.

Cold and cough medicines can act as stimulants and trigger heart palpitations, notes WebMD. Other stimulating medications include nutritional and herbal supplements. Examples of medications that doctors prescribe to treat heart palpitations include beta and calcium-channel blockers.

There is also the possibility that an underlying health condition, such as anemia, is the cause of the heart palpitations, says WebMD. In this instance a doctor treats the underlying condition as opposed to the palpitations. There are also instances where palpitations are caused by medication, which may require a medical professional to switch the patient's medication.

WebMD also notes that in some cases, palpitations are an indication of arrhythmia. These cases can be treated with medical procedures and medications.

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