How Do You Stop Your Hands From Shaking?


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Taking certain medications, avoiding certain foods, wearing wrist weights, lifting heavier objects instead of lighter types, and using utensils and tools that are designed for individuals with grip and control problems may help stop hands from shaking, notes Healthline. Surgery may be necessary if changing diet and other treatment options counteract the problem.

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Treatment options for trembling hands depend on the cause, severity and side effects of the treatments, states Healthline. There is no treatment for hand tremors that occur as a result of an essential tremor, which aggravates with age; however, treatments may help reduce symptoms. Anti-seizure drugs such as topiramate and gabapentin may help reduce the tremors. Alprazolam, primidone and propranolol may alleviate the problem as well.

Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants may cause shaky hands, so eliminating them may relieve the problem, explains Healthline. Kitchen utensils, pencils, pens and garden tools can be designed specially for patients with trembling hands. Carrying heavier objects helps to restore grip and handling.

Thalamotomy involves removing a small section of the thalamus from the brain to alter electrical activity and counter shaky hands, according to Healthline. Deep brain stimulation is a surgical technique that involves putting an electrode in the brain to interrupt the electrical activity and treat severe hand tremors.

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