How Do You Stop Hair From Falling Out?


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To stop hair from falling out, stay natural and avoid harsh treatments and frequent coloring, choose hair products with care and stick to them, and learn to brush and style correctly, according to WebMD. Other hair fall prevention tips include avoiding stress, getting head massages and eating the right food.

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Frequent use of hair color and certain styling techniques can damage and weaken hair roots because of the chemicals and heat required in these procedures. Either eliminate these completely or get them done after long intervals of time, states WebMD. Choose products such as shampoos, hair sprays and dyes with great care and use only reputed brands, The same thing applies to equipment such as hair irons and curlers, states WebMD. Combing and brushing hair incorrectly can cause as much hair loss as using a bad product. Brush hair gently from the roots to the tips and use a comb and not a brush on wet hair, according to WebMD.

In addition to the correct care, factors such as stress and inadequate nutrition can contribute to hair fall and must be remedied, according to Rapid Home Remedies. Stress can be reduced through meditation, correct breathing techniques and regular exercise. Foods rich in iron, vitamins A and C, protein, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids can also prevent hair loss, notes Rapid Home Remedies.

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