How Do You Stop Getting Spider Bites in Bed?


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Spiders almost never bite people in their beds, according to Fox News. The vast majority of bites people think come from spiders actually are flea bites or the result of allergic reactions or infections. WebMD advises to eliminate spiders indoors, vacuum or sweep away webs often, seal cracks to keep spiders from entering, tape boxes closed in garages and attics, and keep gutters clear of leaves and debris.

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To avoid spider bites when working in areas where spiders hide, wear long sleeves, long pants and gloves, WebMD advises. Shake clothing to remove any spiders before going indoors. Getting rid of fleas in a house involves thoroughly washing bedding and carpeting along with using an insecticide fogger or powder, according to About.com.

Spiders almost always avoid people, and only a few types bite humans even when they feel attacked, Fox News reports. Of about 40,000 species of spiders in the world, about 12 can seriously harm an average human. In North America, only recluse spiders and widow spiders are dangerous to humans. Bites from such spiders are rare and occur when a spider is attacked or surprised. People who think they've been bitten by a spider are often mistaken, Fox News notes. Along with flea bites, allergies, poison oak and ivy, and bedbug bites can also present symptoms similar to spider bites.

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