How Do You Stop Food Cravings?

How Do You Stop Food Cravings?

To stop unhealthy cravings, avoid depriving yourself and make healthier versions of your favorite foods. Eliminate artificial sweeteners and visualize the payoff for sticking to a healthy diet.

  1. Stop depriving yourself

    Completely cutting out the foods that you crave can lead to binging on these foods later. Make a daily allowance in your diet for a small amount of your favorite food. This helps prevent overindulgence and prevents you from feeling deprived.

  2. Make healthier versions of your favorite foods

    There are many healthful substitute recipes for fried foods, baked goods and sweets. Learn how to make healthy versions of your favorite foods, or purchase healthy alternatives from the grocery store. When you indulge, try adding nutritional foods, supplements and ingredients to boost the food's nutritional value.

  3. Eliminate artificial sweeteners

    Although they're sugar-free, artificial sweeteners can increase cravings for sugar. Eliminate these sweeteners from your diet, and opt instead to enjoy sugar-sweetened treats in moderation.

  4. Visualize the payoff

    Regularly imagine what the results can be if you stick to your healthy diet. Create a collage or collect pictures and images that represent the payoff for accomplishing your health goals, and write down your reasons for wanting to improve your health. Look at the images, and review your reasons every time an unhealthy craving arises.