How Do You Stop Eye Twitching?


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To stop an eye twitch, you need to relax, and get rest. You can also massage your eyelid, and use antihistamines. If the twitch is severe, see a doctor.

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How Do You Stop Eye Twitching?
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  1. Relax

    Try to relax by eliminating stress from your life. Limit your caffeine intake as it is a stimulant.

  2. Rest

    Get plenty of sleep. Take frequent breaks from looking at the computer.

  3. Massage your eyelid

    Gently massage your eyelid with your fingertips. You may also apply a warm compress to the twitching eyelid.

  4. Use antihistamines

    Try over-the-counter oral or topical antihistamines to slow down the eyelid's muscle contractions. Topical antihistamines can be found in many eye drops.

  5. See a doctor

    Most non-severe eyelid twitches go away on their own. If the eye twitching is severe or lasts more than a few days, see an eye doctor.

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