How Do You Stop Eating Sugar?


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Going cold turkey on sugar can create a powerful withdrawal period lasting for 48 to 72 hours, according to WebMD. Enduring this period can be tough, and arming oneself with plenty of tools can help in getting through this initial withdrawal. Because many processed foods contain added sugar, preparing foods at home is an efficient way to cut sugar from the diet.

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Replacing added sugars with the natural sugars found in whole fruit is another way to cut sugar from the diet without creating as intense cravings for sugar. Keeping plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the home at all times is an easy way to train the body to reach for these healthy snacks. Eliminating sources of sugar from the diet includes stopping the consumption of sugary drinks, candy and many types of processed foods.

WebMD advises other techniques, such as chewing gum when sugar cravings hit and practicing the "get-up-and-go" method of taking a walk or leaving the house, to help alleviate the feeling of withdrawal. Eating regular meals is also important to prevent drops in blood sugar that can cause intense cravings. By eating well-balanced meals at regular intervals with snacks in between, it is possible to moderate the blood sugar and maintain a sugar-free diet.

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