How Do You Stop a Deep Cut From Bleeding?

Bleeding from a cut can often be stopped by placing direct pressure onto to the affected area with a clean cloth or medical gauze, according to WebMD. Seek medical attention if the cut is spurting blood or does not stop bleeding after 10 minutes of pressure.

Excessive bleeding of a deep cut can also be controlled with a tourniquet, but tourniquets should only be applied by individuals who are trained in the procedure, according to Mayo Clinic. Do not apply direct pressure if the cut is located in or around the eye area. Laying down and elevating the legs may help to stop heavy bleeding. After the bleeding has ceased, immobilize the limb or body part and seek immediate medical treatment.

Individuals with deeply embedded objects should not attempt to remove the objects on their own, according to both Healthline and WebMD. Healthline also notes that deep cuts or wounds to the chest or abdomen should always be tended to by a medical professional, as they can cause internal bleeding and shock. Individuals with deep, jagged cuts, puncture wounds, animal bites or facial wounds should also seek immediate medical attention instead of attempting to treat the injuries on their own.