How Do You Stop Cravings?


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A person can stop cravings by eating regularly, combining foods, eating small amounts of the food being craved, chewing gum, taking a walk and eating fruits. Many people usually have high cravings for sugary foods that end up impacting negatively on their health. This turns to be a habit that becomes hard to be controlled or avoided.

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With simple tips, a person can regulate the amount of sugary foods he or she eats in a day. He or she can strive to eat a little of what they normally crave. This can help a person overcome the feeling of being denied that particular food. Combining a craving food with a healthy diet can help in overcoming cravings. A person struggling to overcome cravings can also opt to chew gum regularly.

Eating fruits when craving a particular food can provide a person with nutrients, fiber and also sweetness, as stated by WebMD. Taking a walk helps to change the environment, thus taking the person's mind off the food he or she wants. A person with cravings can also eat regularly, at least after 3 to 5 hours, to avoid opting for sugary foods between meals. Practicing these tips daily can help a person overcome craving unhealthy, sugary foods.

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