How Do You Stop a Cough?


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According to WebMD, remedies that can help stop a cough include lozenges, hot drinks and steam. Removing irritants from the air and staying hydrated also help the body fight back against coughs. Use of a humidifier should be considered if the surrounding air is dry.

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HowStuffWorks recommends a variety of solutions for those plagued by cough, including drinking lemon juice with honey, chewing a salted piece of ginger, gargling with a salt water rinse, drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water and drinking lime juice that has had cinnamon sticks boiled in it.

Some people are especially plagued by coughs at night, according to WebMD. When this occurs, drinking noncaffeinated tea with honey may be helpful. Sleeping on an incline helps the body cope with postnasal secretions. While steam can help soothe a nighttime cough, it can make a cough due to asthma worse. Humidifiers should be used with caution, since too much humidity can also make a cough worse at night. Cough suppressants can be used for relief at night.

WebMD explains that over-the-counter medications can also help get rid of coughs. Decongestants reduce mucus production and open airway passages, resulting in reduced coughing. However, overuse of decongestants can trigger dry coughing, and decongestant nasal sprays sometimes result in rebound congestion if overused. Cough syrups can help when a cough produces large amounts of mucus and phlegm.

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