How Do You Stop Chest Pain?


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Emergency medical treatment is the only remedy for chest pains caused by a heart attack, explains WebMD, but chest pains caused by angina can be controlled by lifestyle changes. Rest, ice, gentle stretching, massage and over-the-counter medicines treat chest pain caused by an injury or strained muscles or ligaments.

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Eating nutritious meals and maintaining a healthy weight reduces chest pain caused by angina, according to WebMD. Limiting alcoholic drinks to two a day as a man and no more than one a day as a woman and quitting smoking reduces chest pain caused by angina. Keeping blood pressure and stress levels low reduces chest pain, and taking angina medications as instructed also stops chest pain. Avoiding strenuous activities brings on angina, but exercise and activity programs regulated by a doctor decreases chest pain caused by angina.

Stopping the activity that is causing chest pains and then immediately applying ice to the chest for 10 to 20 minutes three or more times a day to reduce chest pain caused by injury is recommended by WebMD. Warmth should be placed on the area once the swelling has subsided, but the ribs should never be wrapped to avoid the risk of partial lung collapse. Stretching three to four times a day for 30 to 60 seconds may quicken the healing process of the injury causing the chest pain.

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