How Do You Stop Bleeding Gums?

stop-bleeding-gums Credit: Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

A person can stop bleeding gums by visiting a dentist to give a treatment option for the plaque bacteria, avoiding brush the teeth too hard, eating a balanced diet and flossing. Before using a particular medication to treat bleeding gums, it is important to visit a reliable dentist. A dentist will recommend the proper treatment option after identifying the main cause of the problem.

Bleeding gums may result from different causes, including brushing the teeth too hard, mouth sores, poor-fitting dentures, bleeding disorders, vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes during pregnancy and medical conditions, such as scurvy, diabetes and leukemia. Regardless of the situation a person is experiencing, it is important not to try to diagnose the problem on their own. Bleeding gums could be a symptom of different dental disorders, especially gum disease. Bleeding with swollen gums and tooth sensitivity is a sign of gingivitis.

A dentist will conduct a dental checkup to know the main cause of bleeding. Typically, proper treatment for bleeding gums will help avert gingivitis, gum disease or other dental disorders. If it is a gum disease, scaling may be necessary to slow down the problem. Ongoing treatments may be recommended if the problem is severe.