How Do You Stop Being Dizzy From Having Floating Crystals in Your Ears?


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Perform Brandt-Daroff exercises at home to treat vertigo caused by dislodged calcium crystals, according to the Michigan Ear Institute. If these exercises prove ineffective, a doctor may need to prescribe a cervical neck collar that limits the motion of the head.

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Begin the Brandt-Daroff exercises by sitting upright, states the Michigan Ear Institute. From there, turns the head 45 degrees in one direction and lay the head down on the side while waiting for the dizziness to resolve itself. This takes approximately one minute. Then sit up, and wait for the dizziness to pass once more before turning thehead again and lying down, this time on the opposite side. The exercises have to be repeated three times or twice per day, according to WebMD.

Improvement can take several weeks, reports WebMD. The exercises are designed to help the body acclimate itself to the various movement signals causing the vertigo and dizziness; however, some patients have reported that the exercises can trigger severe bouts of nausea and vomiting. Most cases of vertigo resolve on their own. If they are persistent or reoccurring, the Michigan Ear Institute recommends three potential surgical procedures: posterior semicircular canal plugging procedure, singular nerve removal, and vestibular nerve clipping.

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