How Do You Stop Being Angry?


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To control anger, Helpguide.org recommends finding the root emotion that causes the anger, working to identify the way anger first manifests in the body and bypassing situations known to trigger angry feelings or outbursts. If anger crops up, it helps to exercise or engage in focused, heavy breathing.

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People may feel it is healthy to express their anger rather than keep it buried inside to avoid conflict, but Helpguide.org says this is a common myth and can actually make outbursts worse when they do occur. It is important for people with anger issues to find healthy ways to express their anger, such as respectfully and calmly communicating the real cause of the anger, avoiding the temptation to place blame on other people and exercising forgiveness in relationships.

Many times, people resort to anger because they lack the tools necessary to deal with underlying feelings such as embarrassment, loss of control or emotional pain. This is common in people who grew up in households where anger was exhibited by one or both parents as a means to get what they wanted. It is possible for a person to be so identified with anger that he genuinely believes he is incapable of feeling different emotions. For advanced cases like these, Helpguide.org recommends seeking the help of a professional counselor or psychologist to assist in identifying triggers and working to find coping mechanisms to diffuse overwhelming outbursts.

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