How Do You Stop Alcoholic Tremors?


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Detoxification is the best method of treating alcoholic tremors, notes WebMD. In some instances, outpatient detoxification is recommended, however inpatient detoxification is an option as well. A person should consider the circumstances, such as health condition and cost, when choosing an option.

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Alcoholic tremors are a physical sensation resulting from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Tremors are defined as involuntary shakes throughout the body, notes Healthline. The tremors can occur just a few hours after drinking and include feelings of mild anxiety, severe complications, and even seizures, notes WebMD. A person experiencing sever tremors should seek medical attention immediately.

To treat tremors and other alcohol withdrawal symptom, a person should practice complete cessation from drinking. In addition, prescription drugs, such as Valium, Librium and Ativan are available at a doctor's recommendation, notes WebMD. A person experiencing tremors is likely to notice an increase in blood pressure and rapid heart palpitations. Anti-psychotic drugs, beta-blockers and blood-pressure regulators may also be prescribed to reduce the severity of these additional symptoms. The above medications should all be considered supplemental, as the elimination of alcoholic beverages altogether is the most effective approach in treating the tremors. Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs are available to help with long-term recovery from alcohol addiction, notes Recovery.org.

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