Is Stomach Surgery Common for an Aneurysm?


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Doctors commonly perform open repair surgery on abdomonial aortic aneurysms if they are large, cause symptoms, grow in size or have the chance of rupturing, states WebMD. Many doctors choose to perform less invasive procedures, such as endovascular repair, because of the large amount of blood lost in the surgery.

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For men, doctors perform an operation to remove the aneurysm if it is larger than 5.5 centimeters, and women receive the procedure for smaller aneurysms, states WebMD. Doctors also perform surgery based on the location of the aneurysm, whether it is part of a genetic condition called Marfan's syndrome, or if heart surgery is also necessary. The aorta carries blood away from the heart, and the abdominal aorta carries it to the lower body, according to VascularWeb.

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