How Is a Stomach Pacemaker Similar to a Heart Pacemaker?


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A stomach pacemaker is similar to a heart pacemaker because it has the same physical aesthetic as that of a heart pacemaker, and italso delivers an electrical charge to the stomach in the same way that the heart pacemaker does to the heart, as reported bythe Medical College of Wisconsin. A stomach pacemaker is usually called a "gastric pacemaker" in professionaland medical settings.

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The gastric pacemaker works by taking an electrical impulse and directing it on to the stomach wall. These electrical impulses then alert the stomach to create more contractions in the stomach. The result is that patients suffering from stomach conditions feel better with less bloating, less nausea and less vomiting, according to Baptist Health. The gastric pacemaker can also help with glycemic control for diabetics who also have gastroparesis, as noted by the Medical College of Wisconsin. The gastric pacemaker must be inserted into the body through surgery though the process typically only requires a 1 night stay in the hospital and the risks are few.

A heart pacemaker works by taking an electrical impulse and directing it into the heart through wires. These electrical impulses then help the heart muscle to work properly, as explained byWebMD. The heart pacemakers are broken down into three categories: single-chamber pacemakers, dual-chamber pacemaker and biventricular pacemakers.

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