What Is a Stomach Band?


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A stomach band is a device used during adjustable gastric banding surgery that is wrapped around the stomach to form a ring to shrink the stomach, explains WebMD. The surgery is performed to help overweight individuals lose weight by limiting the stomach's ability to hold certain amounts of food.

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Adjustable gastric banding surgery involves a surgeon making incisions in the belly and then placing surgical tools and a camera into the incisions, according to WebMD. Surgeons wrap a stomach band to the upper part of the stomach and attach a thin tube to an access port under the skin. Saline is added with a needle through the access port to tighten the band, which ultimately shrinks the stomach. The procedure is designed to help patients feel full more quickly and eat less.

Most patients experience soreness and discomfort after the stomach band is surgically inserted, explains WebMD. The recovery time is approximately four to six weeks. Patients are limited to small amounts of liquid intake the first two weeks after surgery. Solid foods can be slowly added back into the diet, but most patients find that they are limited in the amount of food they can eat because they feel full quickly. People who overeat after surgery often experience nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

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