What Steps Would a Physician Take to Prepare a Patient for Mohs Surgery?


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A physician can prepare a patient for Mohs surgery by advising the patient to stop taking certain medications that may affect the outcome, informing the patient of the need to plan his time and advising the patient to wear proper clothing for the procedure, notes Mayo Clinic. Because the patient may be required to sit in the hospital for a long time, advising him to carry something such as a novel to keep him busy is another preparatory step.

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Blood-thinning medications are one group of medicines that a physician may advise a candidate for Mohs surgery to avoid before the procedure, according to Mayo Clinic. This group of medications may predispose the patient to excessive bleeding after the surgery. Advising the patient to plan his time helps him to clear his schedule for the day to allow enough time for Mohs surgery, which may take several hours. Suitable clothes for the patient to wear during Mohs surgery are those clothes that enhance the patient's comfort, including keeping the patient warm or cold depending on temperature of the operation room.

Mohs surgery is a skin cancer treatment procedure that involves progressive removal of cancerous skin layers while screening each removed layer for cancer until the remaining skin is all noncancerous, reports Mayo Clinic. It is used to treat large skin cancers and recurrent skin cancer, among other situations. Though useful, it is a risky procedure as it may cause hematoma, infection, keloid and skin numbness at the surgery site.

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