What Are Some Steps to Reduce Stress?


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Playing calming classical music, talking with a friend and understanding the reasons for feeling stressed are good steps to take to reduce stress, according to Healthline. It also helps to laugh more often, start an exercise regimen, or join a yoga, tai chi or meditation class.

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What Are Some Steps to Reduce Stress?
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When stressed out with a difficult task or situation, listening to soothing music helps decrease blood pressure and the stress-related hormone cortisol, explains Healthline. It also helps to think positively and come up with good solutions to tackle problems or accomplish stressful tasks at hand.

Additionally, a healthy diet helps improve stress levels, notes Healthline. Instead of binging on sugary, fatty foods during stressful moments, experts recommend eating fruits, vegetables and fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. Green tea consists of healthy antioxidants and makes a good alternative to energy drinks or coffee, which temporarily increase blood pressure and contribute to stress.

Laughing more often is also an effective way to release mood-improving endorphins and reduce the stress-related adrenaline and cortisol hormones, states Healthline. Pilates, meditation, tai chi and yoga classes involve mental and physical exercises that help control stress. Exercising daily by taking a short walk or doing a bit of stretching often provides immediate stress relief. It is important to sleep for seven to eight hours each night to avoid aggravating stress.

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