What Are the Steps for Preparing for Herniated Disc Surgery?


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Preparing for herniated disc surgery begins before the day of the operation. Patients ready their homes for the recovery period, according to Mayfield Clinic. This includes removing throw rugs, placing non-slip strips in the bathtub or shower, installing grab bars in the bathroom and obtaining low, firm cushioned chairs.

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During the week before surgery, patients eat high-fiber diets and drink eight to 10 glasses of liquid daily to help avoid post-operative constipation, explains Mayfield Clinic. In planning for the week after surgery, patients should find people to help with tasks such as driving, housework and cooking. Also, candidates for surgery have general physicals to assess overall health. This includes discussions of medications that should not be taken prior to surgery.

Patients have several responsibilities within 24 hours of surgery. After showering, they avoid cosmetics and facial creams or lotions, states Temple University Hospital. They must not drink alcohol or smoke. After midnight before surgery, patients are not allowed to have any food or drink. This includes gum and mints.

On the morning of surgery, patients take their regular medications unless a doctor has banned them, Temple University Hospital instructs. Only small sips of water are allowed when swallowing pills. Drugs that are sometimes forbidden include warfarin, naproxen and ibuprofen. Patients put on loose, comfortable clothes before going to the hospital. Patients should leave any valuables at home or with a designated individual.

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