What Are Some Steps for Detoxifying Your Body?


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Steps to detoxify the body include increasing consumption of tea to remove toxin and circulate antioxidants, notes Shape magazine. Regular consumption of water with juice from half a lemon in the morning also helps eliminate toxins and detoxify the body.

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People seeking to detox toxins from the body should cut sugar, honey, molasses and sweeteners from the diet, according to Shape magazine. Individuals should also opt for organic food such as whole plant foods and dark green vegetables. Organic vegetables contain fewer calories and boost the amount of micronutrients absorbed. Whole grains, beans and legumes, and fruits and vegetables should be staples of the diet when detoxifying the body. Processed foods high in fatty content rob the body of nutrients and should be avoided when reducing the amount of toxins in the body.

Activity is an essential component of improving the body’s circulation and detoxifying the body, explains Shape magazine. Exercise and movement help remove toxins trapped within the body’s systems and provide more efficient circulation of the blood and lymph nodes. Steam from a sauna is a recommended practice when detoxifying the body and seeking to sweat out toxins. Individuals can also flush out the nasal passages to eliminate air pollutants and allergens with nasal irrigations.

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