What Are Some Steps of the Birthing Process?


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The first stage of childbirth includes labor up to the point of a fully dilated cervix, according to WebMD. Stage two begins with pushing and goes until the baby is born. The final stage occurs after the childbirth and includes the delivery of the placenta.

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What Are Some Steps of the Birthing Process?
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Stage one of the labor and delivery process includes three different phases, notes WebMD. The latent phase occurs in early labor when contractions begin to help the cervix dilate and efface. The second active phase comes with intense pain as contractions increase and dilation speeds up. The final transition phase often has the most intense contractions coming rapidly as the cervix reaches the full 10-centimeter dilation.

Stage two of childbirth often causes feelings of pressure in the rectum and the urge to push, states March of Dimes. The mother pushes with the contractions to help the baby move down the birth canal. The physician guides the mother through pushing and guides the baby once the head crowns.

The final stage occurs after the umbilical cord is cut. Delivering the placenta takes between five and 30 minutes, according to March of Dimes. Contractions continue during this time, and the mother may need to push to deliver the placenta. During this time, the baby and mother may bond. The medical team may also clean up the baby and take measurements.

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