What Are Some Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous?


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The initial step of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program is admitting a lack of control over alcohol that is making life unmanageable. The next step involves coming to believe that a power larger than oneself can restore health and sanity. Next, program participants make a conscious decision to surrender their wills and lives to God or another greater force. Fourthly, participants identify and acknowledge their faults so that they can begin the process of trying to fix these issues.

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What Are Some Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous?
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After Alcoholics Anonymous participants admit their shortcomings, the sixth step is to accept responsibility for addressing those problems. The seventh step is to invoke spiritual tools, such as prayer or meditation, in helping to fix the identified personal flaws. Next, participants create a list of all people they have hurt and get to a place where they are willing to attempt making amends with each person on the list. During step nine, they actually reach out to make amends with the people they have harmed except in cases where doing so may bring the person additional harm.

Once participants reach step 10, they accept responsibility to continue making timely amends when they make new mistakes in their lives. The following step involves using regular prayer or meditation to reflect on how is going and whether or not any changes are necessary to improve quality of life. The last step is giving back to the community through service.

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