What Are the Steps in a 12-Step Alcoholism Program?


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Admitting powerlessness, finding hope, surrendering, taking inventory and sharing one's inventory are the first five steps in a 12-step alcoholism program. The 12 steps in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous focus on personal accountability and making amends.

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AA.org.au lists the first of the 12 steps in the program as the person admitting that he has an unmanageable problem with alcoholism. The next step is to find belief or hope that a greater power, such as a god, is able to help restore his sanity. Next, the person must make a decision to put his life in the care of this god or higher power. The program does not require belief in a specific god; each participant may seek and choose a belief or hope that they personally subscribe to. Following the 12 steps is primarily a personal journey and does not require the person to convert to an organized religion.

In step eight, the program requires participants to make a list of all the people they have harmed either directly or indirectly through alcoholism. Step nine requires the person to make amends to each of these parties wherever possible, except in cases where making amends would cause harm to any person.

The final step of the 12-step program is to pass the message along to other alcoholics, and for the person to vow to continue these practices in his daily life.

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