Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Your Knees?


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Stem cell therapy sometimes reverses the damage that arthritis wreaks on the knees, according to ABC News. Harvesting stem cells from the hip, using a centrifuge to concentrate the cells, and injecting the cells into the knee bring many people beneficial results.

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Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Your Knees?
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A clinic in Colorado gave more than 200 patients this stem cell therapy in the knees over a period of two years. Their results found over 75 percent relief in 40 percent of patients and at least 50 percent relief in about 65 percent. After trying the stem cell therapy, only about 1 in 12 patients still went forward with total knee replacement, notes ABC News.

The primary advantage that stem cell therapy provides is a speedier recovery with less difficulty. The procedure is outpatient, with most patients up and about within a period of 24 hours. A lot of the patients protect the knee with a brace for a few weeks but are still ambulatory, and some can even ride a stationary bicycle within seven days. Stem cell therapy also does not come with such potential complications as blood clots, which are a potential hazard of knee replacement surgery. Because the stem cells come from the patient's body, the chances of rejection or infection are virtually zero. Some doctors express caution, wanting more studies to determine the actual process at work, reports ABC News.

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