What STD Is Referred to As "trich"?


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Trichomoniasis is also referred to as "trich." It is a very common sexually transmitted disease that can go undetected in the majority (70 percent) of infected individuals, but can be marked by irritation of the genital areas of both women and men, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Symptoms can come and go for years if untreated, and often those who have trichomoniasis do not know it due to lack of visible or physical symptoms.

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Men who do experience symptoms of trichomoniasis may notice itchiness or irritation inside the penis, a burning sensation after urinating or ejaculating or discharge from the penis, as detailed by the CDC. Women who experience symptoms of trichomoniasis may notice itchiness, burning or irritation at the genital area, discomfort while urinating and vaginal discharge that carries an odd smell and possibly can be clear, white, yellow or green in color.

Although trichomoniasis is typically not a seriously fatal infection, it can make it easier for sexually active people to spread HIV or contract HIV, due to the inflammation that occurs in the genitals with the trich infection. Treatment for trichomoniasis includes a single dose of antibiotic medication prescribed by a doctor. However, it should be noted that it is very easy to contract the STD again after being cured.

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