What Is the STD Known As "the Clap"?


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"The clap" is an informal name for the sexually transmitted disease known as gonorrhea, according to WebMD. Gonorrhea causes contagious bacteria to spread through contact with bodily fluids and organs containing moist, mucosal membranes. These organs include the genitals, anus, mouth, throat, uterus and cervix.

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Gonorrhea affects men and women. It is most often contracted during vaginal, oral or anal sex, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A newborn can also be infected when passing out of the mother's reproductive tract during childbirth.

Burning urine, swelling and white or yellow discharge are common symptoms in males and females, WebMD notes. Burning sensations and swollen glands affect the throat if the disease is contracted orally. Women may develop pink eye, pelvic or stomach pain and irregular bleeding between menstruation cycles. Some women have no symptoms or confuse them with other conditions, such as yeast infections.

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