How Do You Stay up-to-Date on Tourette's Syndrome Treatments?


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Stay up to date on Tourette's syndrome treatments by regularly checking websites of organizations that offer treatment information, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Tourette Association of America. These two groups work together to educate health professionals in managing Tourette's syndrome symptoms, states the CDC.

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Tourette's syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that causes people to have tics, which are sudden twitches, movements or sounds that people do repeatedly, according to the CDC. Tics can be either motor, which are movements of the body, or vocal, which are sounds made by the voice. Tics are the main symptom of Tourette's syndrome. The symptoms usually begin as motor tics in the head and neck area of children between the ages of 5 and 10 years.

There is no cure for Tourette's syndrome, but there are treatments available to help manage the tics, reports the CDC. Treatment includes medication and behavioral therapy. Medications do not work for every patient or eliminate tics completely, but can be helpful to reduce severe or disruptive tics for some. Behavioral therapy treatments help teach people ways to manage Tourette's syndrome symptoms. Some behavioral interventions include habit reversal, comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics and parent training.

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