How Do You Stay Motivated to Lose Weight?


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There are all kinds of ways to stay motivated to lose weight, but not all are effective for everyone. Some proven methods include working out with friends, setting realistic goals, using role models and buying clothing that fits the body you desire to have. Keep in mind it is easier to stay motivated once you develop beneficial habits, so stick to the plan to ensure success.

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According to Web MD, it is easier to stay motivated if you set realistic weight-loss goals and start slowly. Losing a pound or two a week is a sufficient goal for beginners. It is easier to lose weight if you commit to working out each day, so make it a daily ritual. You can naturally increase your motivation and get your workout done if you force yourself to start early in the morning. Place a picture of someone whose body you admire on your refrigerator, in your bedroom or in another area of your house for inspiration. Purchase only healthy foods for your kitchen, and throw away any products that are high in sugar and fat. Buy a gorgeous dress or pair of jeans in a size or two smaller than your current body.

Working out with a group of your friends is another way to stay motivated on the weight-loss grind. It can be easy to get sidetracked if your results aren't noticeable, so remember to be patient with yourself. You can do affirmations to maintain a positive mental attitude and keep your eyes on the prize. Smartphone apps are also available to help you focus on your weight-loss goals. If you have extensive trouble losing weight, hire a personal trainer to help you along the path to success.

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