How Do You Stay Awake at Work?


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Sleepy individuals can stay awake at work by walking around, drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks, and taking short naps during designated break times. Workers can also bring materials to the job to keep them busy, such as school coursework or crossword puzzles.

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There are various reasons why individuals have trouble staying awake on the job, such as having other obligations like another job, attending classes,or working night shift. It's important for workers to have an energy booster or something to distract themselves from wanting to sleep while on the job. Turning on one's favorite song -- with the volume a little higher than usual -- can provide much-needed energy and keep an individual from falling asleep.

Other suggestions include doing quick exercise at work, such as stretching, jogging or running up and down stairs, notes About.com. Eating peppermint candy can also be helpful. Peppermint oil is noted as a natural energy booster that can energize sleepy workers. Individuals can also call a friend to pep them up.

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