What Are Some Statistics About Prostate Cancer?


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The National Cancer Institute states that in 2014 there will be 233,000 newly diagnosed cases of prostate cancer and 29,480 deaths resulting from prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society states that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in American men only behind lung cancer. Prostate cancer is rarely diagnosed under the age of 40. Most men who are diagnosed are age 65 or older.

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Mayo Clinic explains prostate cancer occurs in man’s prostate which is a walnut-shaped gland that produces seminal fluid that cultivates and carries sperm. As of 2014, the cause of prostate cancer is unknown. Mayo Clinic states risk factors include being of African descent, having a family history of breast or prostate cancer, being over the age of 65 and suffering from obesity. WebMD states the symptoms for prostate cancer include blood in urine or semen, a weak or interrupted urinary stream, inability to urinate standing up and experiencing a painful sensation while urinating or ejaculating. As of 2014, the tests for diagnosing prostate cancer include a prostate-specific antigen, or PSA test, and a digital rectal exam. However neither of these tests can perfectly diagnosis prostate cancer. The diagnosis needs to be confirmed by performing a biopsy and sending the tissue sample to a lab for further testing.

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