Is Starting a Food Journal a Good Idea?


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A food journal is a good way for individuals interested in losing weight to account for everything eaten on a daily basis. Food journals offer unique insight into how many calories are being consumed during meals and snack time, and awareness can lead to healthier food choices and more weight loss.

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Keeping a food journal is simple to do for most people with an online program or a paper journal. Accurate records are essential, because some foods contain hidden or an unknown amount of calories. Dieters can discover the true calorie count of foods after doing some research at calorie counting websites such as Calorieking.com. Foods should be recorded in the journal as soon as possible after consumption to avoid forgetfulness.

It is important to keep track of measurements and portions, and individuals can practice measuring portions using measuring cups and spoons. Foods eaten on cheat days should be jotted down to help dieters stay aware of various eating patterns. Food journals are helpful for making adjustments to the diet when necessary. An overindulgence one day can be dealt with the next by cutting back on calories.

Some supervised weight loss programs require participants to have food journals reviewed by a doctor or nutritionist, which helps people stay on track with their diets. Alternatively, a buddy system with friends swapping food journals accomplishes the same thing.

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