How Do You Get a Free Starter Kit for Your First Period?

Manufacturers of products such as Kotex sometimes offer free samples of menstrual products through their websites, but typical first-period starter kits average between $30 and $70, as of 2015. PeriodPacks and HelloFlo both offer starter kits around $25, with deluxe kits around $45 on HelloFlo and up to $75 for organic and specialty kits on PeriodPacks.

First-period kits can be as simple as a sample of menstrual products, or as complex as a gift box. Deluxe starter packs can include candy, jewelry and other gifts to mark the passage into womanhood as a special occasion. Informative materials, booklets and period calendars are commonly included, along with different types of menstruation supplies such as pads and pantyliners.

According to The New York Times, the average age of menarche, the technical term for when girls begin menstruating, had dropped from 13 to 12.4 by 1984, but as of 2010, up to 15 percent of girls are starting their periods by age 7. Special menstrual pads have been available since 2011 to fit the smaller body size of "tweens," including U by Kotex Tween.

Sara Rowe of SheKnows suggests celebrating with a Period Party, also called a First Moon Party or Coming of Age Party. This can help stave off embarrassment, instead marking the occasion with a fun sleepover or a classy tea party. Throwing a Period Party creates an opportunity to introduce the starter kit, and share wisdom about menstruation in a fun environment.